Day .5: A New Normal

I wake up around 0530 to make breakfast/lunch for the hubster and goof troop.  Once he’s gone, I have about a solid 45-60 minutes of “ME” time to have my coffee in peace before awaking the kids.  Ewa knows the world doesn’t rotate until I’ve had me a hot cup of coffee and some quiet time.  Without it, I’m prone to growling.  I make three trips to the school a day for various drop offs and picking up my babies.  Throughout the day, it’s your typical domestic stuff (cleaning, getting dinner ready, The View…) with the occasional lunch hour with one of my best friends, aka chosen family.  I look forward to those at least twice a month.  Once I get the kids from school, I realize that I have roughly an hour to do our normal stuff.  We talk about the goods and bads of their day. I also learn way more than I need to know about their friends in school, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Lol) They have a snack and then it’s off to homework.  No exceptions.  This part is all normal.

And now for the new…

Dad comes home from work with enough time for a short conversation before I’m off to school.  My goal is to get out of the house NLT 1615 (4:15pm in civilian language).  What time do I leave you ask?  Why…1645 of course. That’s pushing it because my commute is 45 minutes when there is no traffic.  One hiccup and I could lose out on the Presidential Award.

Anyhoo, I made it to school by 1735.  Great timing.  Class starts promptly at 1800 and it’s good to have a few extra minutes to help the instructors set up for the evening.  In this case, the military  saying applies, “If you’re on time, you’re late.  If you’re 15 minutes early, you’re on time.”  Same logic.

In the locker rooms, we get a nice pep talk from the ladies of the Pastry Class who’ve been around for a while.  I’ll tell you, I find everyone so inviting and willing to help.  This really is a great place to be.

I get changed in to my uniform for the first time and my first thoughts were…

“I LOOK LIKE A BAGGY BOX!”  Might as well keep it real…

Flashbacks from the Navy came instantly.  The uniforms weren’t flattering at all but that is done purposely.  Everyone should be focused on the tasks at hand.  Tying the necktie was the trickiest part for all of us females.  We will get the hang of it, though.  Perfection takes time.

Voila!   Nothing like a good ol' selfie to get the evening going.

Nothing like a good ol’ selfie to get the evening going.

~Keep It Tasteful,

3 thoughts on “Day .5: A New Normal

  1. Congrats Keema!!! You on your way sistah, can’t wait to taste those dang ribs of yours again!!

  2. Nothing worth having comes without sacrifice. Your time is short right now but the end results will make it all worth it!!! You have a great support system and partner. Send kudos to Wody from me for doing what he has to do so that you can do what you need to do! Black love/marriage/support is awesome!!!

    And those neckties were a PITA to tie. Good lawd I don’t miss that!!

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